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At The Marketing Garage (Los Angeles CA) Rochelle Sollish, the company founder, acts as the senior marketing consultant and executive creative director, working directly with you and your team. Once she learns about your company and goals, she will recommend the channels, platforms and anything else needed, to help you meet your goals. If resources or specialties are required that we don’t offer, we will recommend those we’ve worked with in the past.  They measure up to our own high standards of performance and ethics.

Seeing a need and meeting it.

The Marketing Garage was started by Rochelle because of the many business owners she met who needed top-of-the-line marketing guidance but could not afford the high prices. TMG offers a full-range of services, all designed to give your company great advice and services to help your business grow. At a price you can afford…and can’t afford to do without.

About Rochelle Sollish, Principal and Founder

Rochelle graduated with an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Management. Her undergraduate degree (from NYU) was in Economics and English. She served as a senior marketing executive at several Fortune 500 companies (including American Express, Citicorp, Polaroid Corp, First Interstate Bank). With all the experience she acquired from these outstanding organizations, Rochelle founded a marketing agency—Brody Smythe Direct, a full-service agency, with a specialty in direct response advertising.