Rev up your business engine.

Get into high gear.

How to grow your businessTime for you to rev up your business engine. To get into high gear. To recruit the talent you need to get your business engine purring.

We’ve been helping tune up the engines of business for two decades. We can do it for you too. Here are just some services we offer you to get your company into high gear. 

  • Develop a business plan to guide your marketing strategies and tactics. It’s your company’s roadmap to growth and success. Can’t start a journey without one.
  • Design and write all your sales and collateral materials including brochures, advertising, leave-behinds, direct mail, Press Releases, catalogs, etc.
  • Create social media, eMail and web sites.
  • Execute Point of Purchase signage.
  • Develop a method to collect essential information for marketing and a database to segment your market and deliver the right offers to the right customers/prospects.

In addition to offering a turn-key marketing department, we offer our 90-minute marketing tune-up. This services  reviews all your marketing, giving you a  “report card.” The report will suggest ways to rev up your business. To improve response. Or, perhaps, which programs to drop completely or shelve for now.

The Tune-up is available for a flat fee. If you want us to do implementation, we can work with you on an hourly, daily, weekly or whatever basis will get the job done for you.

Other team members we work with directly offer the following service that can rev up your business in different ways:

  • SEO, Search Engine Optimization
  • HTML/CSS coding
  • Database development
  • eMail distribution
  • Market research
  • Media Plans
  • Web analytics
  • Mailing lists
  • Mailing services

Paper strips of the services we offerNo matter your destination, our goal is to get you there.

Start your journey to greater success NOW. Rev up your business engine. Get into high gear with The Marketing Garage.

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