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Direct Mail ImagePostcard Marketing – Marketing’s secret weapon

These days you cannot have a marketing conversation without the terms “online marketing” or “digital marketing” taking center stage. While online and digital marketing are great promotional vehicles for businesses, they aren’t the only ways to market. Nor should they be. Postcard marketing is a reliable, alternative way to increase sales.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners are seeking low-cost, easy-to-implement tech-less ways to reach out to their customers. A time-proven option lies in Postcard Marketing. Even large technology companies embrace postcard marketing. Intuit, which makes accounting software, recommends postcard marketing to its accounting firm clients. So do high-tech companies like Google and Facebook. 

Smart, marketing-savvy, companies understand that digital and social media marketing are passive. That is, you have to wait for your subscribers see your post and respond. With postcard marketing (and direct mail in general), your message is delivered to ALL your prospects, whether they are online or not. That is a pro-active approach that can produce significantly higher response rates.

Postcard Marketing: An irresistible way to get attention

Whenever you have a need to promote your product or services, postcards are a great way to get in front of your customers, clients and prospects. Here are just five ways postcards can help you:

  • Generate sales leads
  • Promote special offers or coupons
  • Introduce a new product or service
  • Keep in touch with existing customers
  • Drive traffic to your website, social media site or other locations

Almost all postcards are read. The reason is simple. Unlike mail that’s sent in envelopes, nothing has to be opened in order for the recipient to read the message. It’s right in front of their eyes. 

A postcards is already “opened”, ready to read, and at the very least, the message will be seen by the recipient. It offers you at least 15 seconds to capture someone’s attention.

How to make sure your postcard marketing campaign is successful

To be successful your postcard must include the following:

Grab Attention. Make your postcards attractive. Visually relevant. Interesting. Make them relevant to the recipient and his/her business or interests.

Be Concise. Simple bold headlines world best. “Spring Fashions Are In” or “Buy one book, the second is free” capture attention and get your prospect thinking of their need for your products or services.

Be timely. Messages such as “50% off this weekend only” or “Your contract is about the expire” work as a call to action.

Utilize both sides. Consider treating the front like a poster and the back to provide a few details. Make sure you leave the required space for addressing and other post office regulations. Avoid filling up every inch of space. White space is good.Special offer

Offer something of value. Have your postcard serve as a coupon or gift certificate. You want to present information in a manner that makes the recipient want to hang on to the postcard…and use it.

Of course, before you dive into postcard marketing, you need to determine whether or not it’s right for your goals. And, if so, which customers, prospects and goals will be served well by direct mail.

If you have any questions or need some guidance, please give me a call or send me an email at or call at 310-779-9682. We have over 25 years experience in direct mail marketing and offer consultation free of charge.


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How to get customers to buy your products or services


Where did your customers go

Too many choices. Too little time. Too little help.

We live in an age of practically limitless options—cars, phones, products, services,
lifestyles. The choices we face for the simplest purchases seem infinite.  

Take the supermarket. Last count there were over 42,686 products (and growing) lining confused by choicesthe shelves. Choosing a can of soup can make your head spin. Then there’s electronics. Computers. Small appliances. Business supplies. How about the large choice of  lawyers. Accountants. Dentists. Architects.

Customers who walk into a store with little or no knowledge about your product or service are likely to leave without buying anything. That’s why many companies are losing business.  Continue reading

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The ways direct mail is better than email

Direct Mail Marketing
 15 ways direct mail is better at getting new business than email marketing.

Email “prospecting” is losing its power and direct mail is gaining strength. And for this reason some of the biggest Internet names (Google, Facebook, Microsoft) are major direct mail users. Marketers that use direct mail will gain an edge on competitors that skip direct mail. And, it’s not just for the big guys. It’s for the little guys who want to grow.

Here are 15 reasons you should be using direct mail instead of email to get new customers and more business:


A DMA (Direct Marketing Association) study demonstrated the following behavior of people receiving direct mail:

… 46% direct mail recipients read/looked at their direct mail.
… 23% visited the sender’s store location
… 21% visited the sender’s website
… 12% called an 800# listed on the mailer
… 9% replied via email


Another recent study by the DMA shows direct mail being 10 to 30 times more effective than email in generating “new” customers and prospects. On an overall basis, the average response rate for direct mail (DMA, 2013) was 4.4% and an anemic rate of 0.12% for electronic media.


An Epsilon study found that over 50% of consumers prefer regular mail to email. And 67% feel direct mail is more personal than the Internet. Seventy per cent (70%) preferred mail for receiving unsolicited information from unfamiliar companies. (In fact if you have low name recognition, you have a very low chance of your email getting opened.)


The Epsilon study also found that 25% of consumers found snail mail offers more trustworthy than email offers.


High quality email addresses are very difficult to acquire – mainly because most people do not opt-in for third-party offers. And when available they are expensive. Typically a direct mail list offers 80% more prospects.


More than ever consumers are bombarded with digital offers that they don’t want. Email is now the cluttered option, while postal mail represents the uncluttered option. With direct mail your offer will not get loss in avalanche of competitive offers.

 7. LONGER LIFE: The shelf-life of an email offer is measured in seconds, while a direct mail piece can linger on a coffee table for days…if not weeks. Special offer mailings I have done for clients see a healthy percentage coming in or calling weeks later.


Most email lists do not offer the extensive array of selectivity factors available with a direct mail list. With a direct mail list you can pinpoint your best prospects … cream of the crop prospects, while email often forces marketers to take the old-fashion shotgun approach.


A direct mail list is typically 95% deliverable. On the other hand, the great majority of email lists being advertised have a delivery below 50%.   


With the great majority of email “prospecting” campaigns, 95+ percent of all emails are not even opened. The email recipient will either delete or transfer to the SPAM box … without even peeking at the email … or your brand name. On the other hand, standard mail is a tangible item that typically captures a glance. The receiver may not read every word, but your company name/brand will gain much more awareness with direct mail than email.

 11. SAFETY:

With the growing threat of identity theft, viruses, and SPAM, people are becoming more and more hesitating in responding to on-line offers … even legitimate interesting offers. Regular mail is safe … the user can visit website on own time schedule and without having to click potentially dangerous links.


One sure way to boost email OPEN and CLICK-THROUGH rates is with direct mail. One week before the email blast, send the email recipient a postcard informing that a special “email” offer will soon arrive. This one-two punch will increase the odds that the email recipient will OPEN the email … instead of deleting before even blinking at the email.


The majority of quality email list suppliers will not release their email addresses. With standard mail you can receive the direct list. Having a prospecting database in-house … offers innumerable marketing applications / opportunities; for example, data append, market analysis, market penetration reports, Sales Force Prospecting Management, Telemarketing Follow-Up Campaigns.


Direct mail has a tremendous influence on generating online sales. Per USPS study, over 60% of direct mail recipients were influenced to visit promoted website – with the greatest influence on first-time shoppers. Direct mail recipients purchased 28% more items and spent 28% more money than non direct mail recipients. The study also noted a revenue lift of 163% for websites supported by direct mail as opposed to those that were not. (SOURCE: USPS survey of 5,000 visitors to retail websites.)


In focus groups consumers said the interactive part of direct mail helped them connect to the brand and left a lasting impression.

 NOTE:  Email is a very effective medium for communicating and selling existing or past customers. However, from the perspective of prospecting — finding new customers —direct mail is much more effective.

NOTE 2: If your prospect is not familiar with your name or brand, email is the least
ikely way to get a response. Surveys have shown that businesses/consumer open emails when they know the sender and are interested in their products/services. That’s not so true in direct mail. If the package presents the company well, the recipient will open an unknown brand/company’s mail out of curiosity.


If you enjoyed this article, please share with your friends and colleagues. If you have other reasons why businesses should be utilizing direct mail, please tell us about it. Visit our website to learn more about what we can do to help you grow your business. 




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Direct Mail Can Deliver Business


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