What influences the decision to buy?

To buy or not to buy

The growth in Internet and social media usage has changed how people shop for your services or products. But what influences the decision to buy most? A recent survey by YouGov indicates that approximately 4 out 5 (or 80%) of American adults look for online consumer reviews before they decide to buy…from you or anyone. This is true across all generations. For every age group.

Approximately one out of three considered the online reviews “very important” in their purchase decision, another 55% considered the reviews “somewhat important.”

In addition, the study found that a slight majority (51%) of those who read consumer reviews generally read at least 4 before they would make a decision about purchase. Of note, respondents aged 55+ tend to read fewer reviews, with 58% needing to only read  1 to 3, as opposed to 46% of respondents aged 18-34. Men also report being likely to read fewer, as only 42% read at least 4, compared to 60% of women.

Why an online review influences the decision to buy.

Why do people depend on online reviews for purchase decisions? Here are three main reasons:

  • To make sure the product/service is good (79%);
  • To make sure the product/service works (61%); and
  • To make sure they don’t get ripped off (53%).

The chart below shows the details of the results of the study.

What influences purchase decisions?

 Develop a strategy to encourage customers to post online reviews

I recently purchased a product online. At the end of the purchase process, I was asked if I would like to write a review. The form was right there. Very convenient and easy. So I did. The company was able to review it before they published it.

If possible, place a write-a-review form on every social media your business utilizes including your website. Don’t pay customers for reviews. People who are happy with you products and/or services are more than happy to write a review as a show of appreciation for a great product and service.


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