The effects of color on behavior, Part 1


Colors are everywhere.

What is the meaning of color?

And what are the effects of color on behavior for business?

Several years ago an interior design client taught me about how color influences behavior and how using different colors for business can impact sales and profits.

She introduced me to a science known as “psychoneuroimmunology,” a long-term to describe how sensory stimuli influence our behavior and health. Specifically, PNI means Continue reading

How to write effective sales letters


Selling license plate sales tip

A sales letter that produces results is about what you can do for ME.

Every morning my inbox is crammed with sales “letters” from people wanting to do business with me. The vast majority ask me to email or call them about their services so they can give me a demonstration. These “sales” people apparently haven’t learned that an effective sales letter is not about YOU. It’s About what you can do for ME.

Years ago I coined the expression INAY: It’s Not About You. It’s about what YOU can do for your customer or prospect. As you write your sales or follow-up letters, keep INAY in Continue reading

When to post to social media

Posting to social media

Research indicates when to post to social media.

I know a lot of people who agonize over when to post to social media, whether its posting blogs or messages on their various channels. The dilemma was universal enough to encourage some folks to research the issue. Here’s some of what they discovered.

It indicates the effective times to post social media.

According to TrackMaven reports, and other industry research, the table below provides Continue reading

6 Super Power Foods That Will Help You Feel Like A Superhero

Even superhero’s need to eat. But for their super powers to be the most effective they need to ingest the right stuff. Could you imagine Superman starting off in flight only to flail and sputter to the ground? It’s just like us when we take in too many…

Continue reading

5 ways to network for business


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Don’t miss out on one of the best ways to expand your business. The fact is, networking can grow your business better than almost anything else. It presents an opportunity to meet new prospects. Reconnect with old ones. Meet referral sources. Even discover affiliate marketing sources or investors. So don’t let this tool go unused or used incorrectly. Continue reading

How to make sure your email gets delivered.


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 Avoid having your communications mistaken for spam.   This article was written to make sure your eMail gets delivered and  your communications isn’t mistaken for spam. How spam is generated. Spam and phishing eMail is usually generated by bots and sent in bulk. … Continue reading

Social Media tools you cannot do without


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Social Media tools that you must have! There are 8 social media tools you must have. These tools will help improve your social media management and add efficiency to your work flow. They don’t replace your website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social … Continue reading

5 steps to your next job.


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Help has arrived in your search for a job.  If you’re looking for a job—or know someone who is—I want to introduce you to an invaluable resource that offers you 5 steps to your next job—or your first one. It’s a book written … Continue reading

What influences the decision to buy?


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To buy or not to buy The growth in Internet and social media usage has changed how people shop for your services or products. But what influences the decision to buy most? A recent survey by YouGov indicates that approximately 4 … Continue reading

Using Social Media for business


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Using Social Media for business…some tips. If you are new to social media—or have used it infrequently—you may be overwhelmed about all your options and which to choose. In the following sections, I’ll give you some tips for successfully using social … Continue reading