How to get customers to buy your products or services


Where did your customers go

Too many choices. Too little time. Too little help.

We live in an age of practically limitless options—cars, phones, products, services,
lifestyles. The choices we face for the simplest purchases seem infinite.  

Take the supermarket. Last count there were over 42,686 products (and growing) lining confused by choicesthe shelves. Choosing a can of soup can make your head spin. Then there’s electronics. Computers. Small appliances. Business supplies. How about the large choice of  lawyers. Accountants. Dentists. Architects.

Customers who walk into a store with little or no knowledge about your product or service are likely to leave without buying anything. That’s why many companies are losing business.  Continue reading

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How to create effective advertising


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The how-to for creating effective advertising. If you’re not sure if you know how to create effective advertising, here’s a brief how-to. It’s based on a time-tested technique that is used today by the best advertising agencies and copywriters. There are other techniques … Continue reading

Keep your customers coming back and get new ones, too.


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Most important: utilizing the right channels The cost to retain customers, for as long as I’ve been in marketing, has been much lower than the cost for acquiring new ones. Yet too many businesses spend more on finding new customers rather than keeping current customers coming back. With … Continue reading

Reaching rich people: Traditional media works best


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