Point of Purchase Promotion

 blank walls don't sell...image

 Point of Purchase promotion signage pay good returns.

Wherever you can promote your products or services, with point of purchase promotions, do it. A blank wall? A nice window? Say something. Talk to your customers. Let them know about new products. An upcoming or current sale or promotion. Special offers. That way when you aren’t talking to them, your signage will. And good signage will pay many times over in increased sales and traffic.

Examples of some Point of Purchase promotions we created.

For one of our clients, their customers had to take elevators to their units. So we used the elevator walls as well as the elevator waiting area to put up posters that promoted specific products or services. We made them funny and unique. Definitely memorable.Definitely revenue generating.

In another case our client started to carry green products. So we created a poster to hang inside the store showing the new product and promoting its environmental benefits and long-term cost savings.

A client wanted to announce a “50% off” sale and we created a giant poster for their window so passers-by, either walking or driving, couldn’t miss it.

In another case the client wanted to promote their “frameless shower doors.” Since we didn’t want to show a specific design, we just used a fogged-up shower door image. It made the point.

POP materials are effective for producing sales 

Of course, POP materials have to show the type of business you are in and the products you sell. They can be whimsical or sophisticated. Soft or hard sell. How each is designed and its message depend on a variety of factors.

If you think Point of Purchase Promotion signage could work for you, give us a call. We can design a simple counter-top to a huge banner. All designed to move your business.

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