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Direct Mail shouldn’t be abandoned.

Since the growth of digital media (social media in particular), traditional marketing tools, such as direct mail, have been put on the back burner. Here’s why that’s not good for business.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use the new-age marketing techniques. I’m saying you shouldn’t abandon the tried-and-true techniques and replace them entirely.

(An important point: Direct mail puts you in a proactive position; not a reactive position. That is, waiting for prospects or customers to connect with you at their convenience. With direct mail, you are more in control.)

Direct Mail should be  in your prospects’ mailbox.

Many times people aren’t thinking about YOU and YOUR company. They are thinking about what they need and want. If they search for that on the internet, chances are very good your company isn’t going to be high up on the rankings. (I know SEO tells you it can be otherwise, but that doesn’t always work out.)

So how do YOU drive people (including your customers) to your website? Facebook page? Twitter? LinkedIn? eMail lists? Direct mail is certainly an excellent way to do that. It introduces you to new customers. Re-establishes and deepens your relationship with existing customers. Persuades people to buy what you’re selling. Plus, mailboxes are emptier than ever these days. With little clutter, you will get your message through. Funny, but now the clutter is on the internet.

And if you designed your company brochure, direct mail is a great place to include it.

Types of Direct Mail 

The traditional direct mail package consists of a letter, brochure and reply device. Some- times the letters are one-page, other times multiple pages. All depends what you are selling. If you want to close a sale, then longer is better. If you want to create a lead, shorter will work better (there are always exceptions to the rules).

We’ve used oversized postcards very successfully. They are less expensive than a letter package and can be very successful for lead generation or promoting a sale or new product.

We would be happy to recommend which direct mail, if any, would help you meet your goals.

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