business signage

Open for business signage

business signage is a work horse.

Quite simply, great graphics and signage let people know you’re open for business. That you would like them to come into your store or facility to do business.

The examples of business signage we are showing below were designed for Public Storage. They asked us to design the majority of their business signage.

Each of their facilities had gigantic windows and it was always fun as well as challenging to create BIG, eye-catching, yet readable signage. Often we were only able to use a few words because people were driving by and had to absorb the message quickly.

A Case Study: business signage

No words allowed.

No words allowed.

The City Council issued an ordinance that commercial buildings facing a freeway could not use their windows for business signage, such as advertising. Or,for advertising that used words except the company name. In short, it could say NOTHING.

Many of our clients’ facilities faced or overlooked the freeway. Losing that “advertising” space was not good for business. So we developed several concepts that used zero words except for the name of the company,

To help with keeping the esthetics pleasing, we selected several wonderful classic artworks. In one we had The Thinker sitting on a moving box that included the company name. In another we had ballet dancers carrying objects that could be put into a storage unit. Then we had twin Whistler’s Mother surrounded by moving boxes and pictures of moving trucks. Fun. Attention-getting. Worth talking about. We thought so, too.

 Other signage—Designed with a purpose in mind.

Everything we’ve designed for our clients serve a dual purpose. One to send a message. Another to reflect well on the image of the company. And best of all, to produce name recognition and revenue.


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