Brochures and Fliers

Brochure for wood flooring

Brochure examples 

If you are considering designing a brochure for your business, let us help you. Here are brochure examples designed for clients. They have produced business, helped solidify their positioning and establish their brand. Everything we design is based on the unique and individual personality and products/services of your business. Everything is custom.

Yes, a company brochure is necessary

Too often businesses do not produce brochures these days. They think that with a web site, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all those other social media sites, they don’t need one. But that’s not true. A brochure can tell much more about you than social media. And in a different way than your website. It’s something you can use when making your presentation. Or networking. Or meeting someone unexpectedly on your flight to New York. Brochures are an important part of doing business and being successful.

You must be where your customers are.

When you promote your business through digital or print media, you have to depend on people looking for you. Logging on to your website. Catching your ad in that magazine or newspaper. When you give someone your brochure, you are the one in charge. You are giving a customer or prospect something to read to get to know what you offer. Who you are. What you can do for them. It’s something they will read. Keep. Or, share. And, the brochure will show your web address as well as your social media sites. Now they can look for you, rather than you having to depend on a search engine listing getting them to your website or social media pages. If we have the privilege of working with you to design and write your brochure, it will show your company’s personality and reflect the demographics of your customers or clients.