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Advertising examples

Over the years we have created effective advertising for clients from almost every industry. Health care. Financial Services. Education. Retail. Real estate. Home improvement and many more. While we can’t show them all, we’re including examples below. We wrote, designed, and executed each. All delivered the results our clients were seeking. If we were to work with your company, your advertising would be based on your goals, your customers/prospects and the right positioning and personality. And, we’re sure you share the goal each of them have: to be better off tomorrow than they are today.

Our Approach

Before we do any writing or present any concepts, we meet with you to understand your goals, products and markets. You will be asked to tell us everything you can about your customers, your competitors, prime targets, secondary targets, and your trading area as well as your presence in the digital world, among other things. You will also complete a creative brief that provides information about the goals of the advertising: what is the goal, what is the message, what are the constraints (legal requirements), etc. After we have all the information, we will go ahead to develop several advertising ideas to present you.

Alternate Media

We will adapt the advertising to fit different forms of media: print, digital, eMail, etc if, necessary.But, we all work together as a team to collaborate to produce the best advertising.  

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