How postcard marketing can increase sales


Direct Mail ImagePostcard Marketing – Marketing’s secret weapon

These days you cannot have a marketing conversation without the terms “online marketing” or “digital marketing” taking center stage. While online and digital marketing are great promotional vehicles for businesses, they aren’t the only ways to market. Nor should they be. Postcard marketing is a reliable, alternative way to increase sales.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners are seeking low-cost, easy-to-implement tech-less ways to reach out to their customers. A time-proven option lies in Postcard Marketing. Even large technology companies embrace postcard marketing. Intuit, which makes accounting software, recommends postcard marketing to its accounting firm clients. So do high-tech companies like Google and Facebook. 

Smart, marketing-savvy, companies understand that digital and social media marketing are passive. That is, you have to wait for your subscribers see your post and respond. With postcard marketing (and direct mail in general), your message is delivered to ALL your prospects, whether they are online or not. That is a pro-active approach that can produce significantly higher response rates.

Postcard Marketing: An irresistible way to get attention

Whenever you have a need to promote your product or services, postcards are a great way to get in front of your customers, clients and prospects. Here are just five ways postcards can help you:

  • Generate sales leads
  • Promote special offers or coupons
  • Introduce a new product or service
  • Keep in touch with existing customers
  • Drive traffic to your website, social media site or other locations

Almost all postcards are read. The reason is simple. Unlike mail that’s sent in envelopes, nothing has to be opened in order for the recipient to read the message. It’s right in front of their eyes. 

A postcards is already “opened”, ready to read, and at the very least, the message will be seen by the recipient. It offers you at least 15 seconds to capture someone’s attention.

How to make sure your postcard marketing campaign is successful

To be successful your postcard must include the following:

Grab Attention. Make your postcards attractive. Visually relevant. Interesting. Make them relevant to the recipient and his/her business or interests.

Be Concise. Simple bold headlines world best. “Spring Fashions Are In” or “Buy one book, the second is free” capture attention and get your prospect thinking of their need for your products or services.

Be timely. Messages such as “50% off this weekend only” or “Your contract is about the expire” work as a call to action.

Utilize both sides. Consider treating the front like a poster and the back to provide a few details. Make sure you leave the required space for addressing and other post office regulations. Avoid filling up every inch of space. White space is good.Special offer

Offer something of value. Have your postcard serve as a coupon or gift certificate. You want to present information in a manner that makes the recipient want to hang on to the postcard…and use it.

Of course, before you dive into postcard marketing, you need to determine whether or not it’s right for your goals. And, if so, which customers, prospects and goals will be served well by direct mail.

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