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Social Media Posts With Meaning


This post is about getting the best out of social media. Everyone seems to be using it today but all are not using it strategically. Evaluate who your market is, that includes customers and prospects. Try to determine their demographics as well as their psychographics. That is, what are they interested in? What would motivate them to share your post? To respond with a comment? Here are some ideas on how to make your posts relevant. Your market may be different, so they may not apply to you. But they may provide some food for thought. If you are not sure, then try lots of different subjects and see which get the most likes, comments, shares.

relevant social media

“Know thy audience” is the first commandment of marketing and applies to social media, too. Before you post anything, you need to know your audience: who they are, what they like, what they need, what they think. Their behavior and attitudes. Before you start doing social media “tactics”, configure the appropriate strategy for all your social media channels.

The question you need to ask, after your strategy has been established, is “how do I engage the audience, whether customer or prospect”. Posting is not end; it should be a beginning. The beginning of a dialogue, discussion and relationship. The beginning of the exchange of ideas, conversation and engagement.

For example, you can discuss what inspires you. Share inspirational stories, photos and quotes. You can also share how you overcame an obstacle or objection or how a lead strategy is working.

Social Media is not only supposed to be informative, it’s supposed to be fun too. Sharing something funny can make your team smile and make your fans realize you share the same interests and have the same characteristics when it comes to funny content. A real-life cartoon or a picture is a good way to achieve this.

However, you should be really careful about what, when and how often you share or post. You should have a well-balanced strategy. In case you don’t have one, you could use some ideas that I prepared as idea starters below.

Half of your content should entertain and invite conversation

  • Interesting photos and videos
  • Questions
  • Share a success story
  • Say something funny
  • Fill in the blank posts

Thirty percent of your content should be useful and informative

  • Industry statistics
  • Hints and Tips
  • Helpful blog posts

Twenty percent of your content should be used to promote your business

  • Product updates
  • Customer Stories
  • Offers and promotions

Test. Test. Test.

Each and every business is different as are their customers and prospects. Test and evaluate what works for your company. Then keep on doing what works best. Some times it takes time to come up with the right formula. Be patient. Don’t give up. Try and try again.


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Why customers abandoned shopping carts

Customers often abandon their carts over this charge.

Be careful how you price some services. I don’t know about you, but I often come across online retailers (eTailers) that charge an arm and a leg for shipping. This is the top reason why customers abandoned shopping carts. In some cases, the shipping costs more than the product. Customers often abandon their carts over this charge. Shipping should be offered as a break-even service and sometimes a marketing cost, not a revenue stream. The following chart shows why customers abandon shopping carts.

Reasons for shopping cart abandonment

 How to stop abandoned shopping carts.

Lately I’ve noticed that retailers have finally caught on. They are either eliminating shipping charges by offering Post Office delivery services or greatly reducing the fees. In exchange the delivery time may be longer, but for people who are shopping on a budget, it’s worth the extra few days. Now that many states have insisted on eTailers include local sales tax, the combination of shipping and taxes add incredible costs to the total cost.

Why I abandoned shopping carts

We give customers with promotional items, including custom-designed tee shirts. One vendor I found had great shirts at great prices. I ordered several to show my client so he could see the quality and style. When I went to check out, the cost of shipping (and supposedly handling) was so high, I cancelled the order. I have not been back to the site since. My feeling is they offer great prices and make up the reduced margin through outrageous shipping costs. Shoppers are fools.

Shopping cart abandonment can impact your brand.

So the cost of gouging your customer is not just ONE lost sale, it can result in lost customers and the revenue stream they would give. So when you are pricing your products, think strategically. Calculate the life-time value of that customer and what you will lose by overcharging for shipping. If your shipper is the reason for the high-cost, look around for another who will give you better rates. I know UPS and FedEx offer lower rates for commercial users. Look for ways to lower customers’ costs. You’ll profit from it.


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